Shadowrun: 2060

Sunshine's Journal: Pt4

This day just kept getting better and better. Found our way into a stairway headed down, but then something in the air started freaking out the trolls. Candy decided she wanted to find a new exit, and I hadn’t thought to peek at a map on the way in. Point her to where I thought a hallway should be, and she opened it up.

Drekking hell that gun is loud.

Not a hallway, but a room with a flatliner. Chose to believe that the poor sod was corpsed before we arrived. It’s a hospital. People die in those all the time.

We hopped out into the Actual hallway and found ourselves surrounded with people scrambling abouts. We grabbed and occupied a gourney, just in time for some kind of tear gas to start pumping in. Wrapped my face up in the blanket to keep the gas out. It doesn’t work too good on account of the thread count starting with a decimal point.

Ride went sideways, and I got pulled into an elevator. Stupid idea. Very stupid idea. Tried to convince Rend to turn back, but between the gas and the cloth I couldn’t get shit out.

I know we stopped a couple times, and things seemed less crowded, but the third time the door opened, we were hit in the face with fresh air and sunlight. And the sound of a helicopter.

I froze.

I think nobody probably noticed though, as I was still sitting on a gourney covered in blanket, so that’s ok.

Wound up In said helicopter, saw something dump a bunch of flashies, Candi chatting with someone up front.

Air spirit is driving? How can that be? They and Rend were chatting, I guess Candy’s family was involved in one of the Elf massacres I’ve been hearing about recently. They were openly pondering what corps’ could possibly have interest in doing such a thing. Couple of details popped out in my mind while I was watching the view out the window. Suggested that it may have been AG Chemi’s Europa branch. They’re big into the Black Forest, Troll magic, kidnapping, experimentation. Lots of trolls there who hate interlopers. Offered up the idea to anyone who was listening. They ran with it.

Rocket coming in. Asked about Chaff. People weren’t paying attention. There goes the tail rotor.

Checked for parachutes. We’ve got 7. Strap one on while everyone’s trying to figure out what to do. Told everyone to get into parachutes. Used my extra arms to help strap parachutes onto the two sleepers.

Rend seemed like he was trying to strap a parachute to the helicopter, but got pulled out the tail instead. Went after him.

Was not able to get him into the helicopter before a drone came by

Heal the Mage’s leg. Van. Back to Rend’s house. Kitsune playing piano. Big floofy tails. Get permission to touch. Brushy brushy.

Find out Candy has 3 elven siblings still alive. She’s heir to a throne or something? Rend has very strange friends. I can appreciate that.

Given the structure of Elven houses, I wondered if Candy was a princess. Asked her about it.. Seemed to catch her off guard. Maybe she hadn’t considered it.

The Kitsune’s name is Sakura.

View her astrally. She’s actually got 9 tails, and can look at me without looking at me. Sakura is straight wiz.

Lots of discussion about a trip to Pomeray, where the Pixies have been getting hunted, and where a friend of Candy is hurt and stuck.

If I can help out, I’m gonna. Rend opts to go out for a bit. Sakura wiggles her fingers at me, and suggests I go with him. Sure why not.

Head out the door. Rend turns back and gets a confused look on his face. INdicates he doesn’t recognize me. I ask if he hit his head on the way down. He takes me over to a mirror. Look at a tall voluptuous white girl with long blonde hair tied in two braids. Ask if it’s a trick mirror. Apparently it is me. What the fuckery. Kitsune’s are powerful.

Shadowland BBS - Cracked Radio Chatter
Translated from Aztlanese (Spanish) to German, English, French, Cantonese

Hey ho Chummers!

Here’s a slice if what Aztechnologies is up to in Pomorya. Put on your earjacks, turn down rl, and select your lingo. Original soundbits are at the bottom ↓


Rojo 1 here, target is sighted. Running to Azul 5 position. Be advised, katana in right hand, small sidearm in left.

Azul 5, she is moving in on your flank! Get off and turn around!

gurgles and pained intake

Azul 5 is down! Repeat Azul 5 is down!

Breaches reported on the main doors, Eastern Wall and Southern Wall. How many attackers? I repeat how many attackers?

Majera 1 here. Summoning allied spirit….. Scouting complete. Roughly 26 hostiles. Mostly mundane, 12 mage. Wait! 7 spirits inbound! Gah!! Allied spirit destroyed.

Majera 1 report to summoning alter.

We have heavy ordinance on Southern wall! 2 fragging wiz here too!

Who has eyes on target? Scouts call in

Release hell hounds and Wendigo.

Sir! Unknown spirit form manifesting on Western Wall!

How far out?

Inside our - (Banshee like wail followed by savage sounds and screams and gun firings.)

Majera squad needs 3 minutes! Nero and George, get onto the turrets. Visby release battle drones.

Too much feedback from battle sounds to make out

Repeat that, Amarillo 2.

Southern wall breached. We are taking heavy fire! Target has ent-

Reinforcements to southern wall.

Fox spirit sighted. Taking on Wendigo with 2 cybers. Supporting mage is down.


Where are our reinforcements?

Blood released, pull back.

Unknown screaming spirit is still at Western Wall. Need it banished!

Majera 3 on his way.

Target is heading your way, high priest!

Lightning took out the power generator! Parameter fence is offline! I repeat parameter fence is offline!

What the fraggin Hells is that?!

continued sound of battle and explosions.

High Priest is down. Blood is frenzy. Pull put. Repeat pull out now.


Holy slot that’s intense!


Did anyone else hear an Aussie in the background of the orig chatter?


I know. Right?

What’s an Aussie doing there but to merc?


A katana? I thought those were cool in North Am and Japland.

Target sounds like fun.


Let’s party!

You like? Come join! Meet up, dm me.

A-land no welcome here. They need go.

You kill, you keep.


Was that a Banshee?! Seriously????
Aren’t they Irish?


You sure it’s not a Baba Yaga?


Yeah chum. Banshee, like spirit not sick elf.

I heard one yrs back, never forget it. This legit?


I ran some vocals through rec soft, confirmed idents of 5 voices as part of Aztlan Sec.

Want to know more? Show me the nuyen.


Encrypted file found…



Confirmed attack….


Original text dismantled….

Zapping nasties, boxing gremlins….


Ok Kids,

Aztlanologies has tried it again. They hacked into the first server and didn’t get further. I would say that confirms that they got attacked somewhere and were given a bloody nose.

Continue on.

Captain Chaos
The original Mod

Wait what?! Again!

Everytime I try and post those slaggarts get in the way!

Now my turn.
Who the frag in their right mind keeps a pet Wendigo in their pocket?! And what the frag about the fragging blood going nuts? Is that code for blood spirit?? Seriously? They talked about it on open chat????


Is Nowhere Safe?
I HATE Hospitals!

There we were! Heading to hospital. Why? Because Sparkle had idea. Wanted probe mind of prisoner. So, we went! Took Lollipop, because, why not? Look more important with gorgeous girl on arm. More imposing.

We get to room. Human medic tending bad man. Tell him to step aside, Sparkle has questions. Human listens and moves, and Sparkle gets to it. Asks questions out loud. Apparently has conversation with self. Or, pulls from mind. Either way.

After short conversation with self, I get on phone with Justine. Talk with her about.. things. Situation. Tell of trouble. She bitches, of course. Then, phone rings. I answer, and am told I’m being watched. I inform others, and we try finding. Sparkle points at cameras, then lights go out.

We need move now. Scoop up Sparkle and medic. Tell Lollipop to grab bad man. Then we move.

Shadowland BBS - Pixie Burning
Damn Humans Can't Leave Anything Alone

Check out this recording a chummer of mine sent me!
It comes from Pomoyra and from a few hours ago.

The recording is grainy, it’s definitely night time and there’s fires harshly contrasting with the shadows. It looks like it’s a clearing the forest. There are tall people in black out armour shooting and chasing short people with dragonfly-like wings. A child one is roughly grabbed then tossed into a fire. Another, probably an adult, has her wings ripped out by a man like form that has a boot on her back. A couple of male pixies barge in, lightning is called down from the sky, blasting many of the tall ones. A barage of spells get lashed back. The light of the spells reveal a village. The pixie voices are a cacophony of alien sounds tinged with fear more than anything else.

Then suddenly fire tornadoes that doesn’t chase the pixies, but the tall people appear. A giant fox dashes in the shadows, dragging the attackers in. The fox, which might be silver or dusky brown looks right at the camera and yawns. The images pixelise then break apart.

Fragging humans! The elves have recognised the pixies as being a primitive sapient species. And this village has been nothing but peaceful. My chum has been watching this tribe for almost a year! This just pisses me off!


Is that seriously a kid that got tossed into the fire!? That’s not just humans attacking, that’s a corp wet works squad. We had them trying to stomp us out back in the 40s. I want to know if that fox is a changling. Seemed very intelligent.


So we get black ops killing poor old pixies. Drek that story!

Two years back we had a group of them harassing my chummers while we were on a run. They stole our fragging bullets and had will o wisps pointing us out to be shot. I’m certain these fraggers had it coming.

Ivan the Shady

Who else is attacking?!
Did your chummer see the ‘rescuer’?


Ivan, my chummer had been watching them for almost a year. They are mischievous, but not viscious. And showed him compassion when he hurt his ankle, they brought him some herbs, teas and food while he was healing up.

No, Andalusia. He lost consciousness shortly after his recorder fritz out. He woke up in some cabin that looked like it got tossed. When he got back to the village, the pixies had moved out. The bodies of the attackers had been burned in a pile and their dead moved on.


Radio feed pt 2
Who's Decking Our Security?!
  • All looks good. The attackers are dead, save one.

+ Which one, Wren?

  • The water mage. The pixie troll took him out. He got taken to Morning Star Hospital. Sprite, did you hear that click?

+ Damnit! Get Hex online!

^ Drek. Drek. Drekking drek drek! I’m seeing blackouts, Sprite! Get Hex and her team.

  • I’m on my way to the hospital.

+ Is the hospital under attack?

  • Not yet.

~ Hex here. I see them. Five attackers within, pushing them off our coms. Four more at different nodes. I already dispatched teams.

(High pitched frequency broad prodcasted)

Shadowland BBS - Black Forest Troll Kingdom
Creepy investigators (far down the list)

First a noble family gets slaughtered. Then three investigators show up.

The family was Tír na nÓg, and very elven. No idea why elves were here, but they were. And our security people fragged up the investigation, and then these three show up.

Two pointy ears and a breeder.

Yes. A human. And not Tir stock.

But it was the short elf. He was off. Totally weird and wrong.

He moved like he was wired. He didn’t speak. And the eyes….. I think he wasn’t an elf anymore.


Heard about that slaughter.

They had kids too. Four of them were noble and something like a dozen amongst the servants. All diced up.

A security chummer of mine told me it was a blood bath inside. Body parts everywhere and it smelled worse.

I’m surprised that there’s not been much more of a stir.


No troll did that.

Humans did it. Gotta be.

Humans trying blame trolls. Get elves angry.


Rozengard. That was the family.
It looked like a corp hit, so why didn’t the trolls do their investigation properly?

Because like the humans they were spawned from, they are corrupt.
And unlike humans they were born stupid.

Yes. Without a slotted brain behind their ugly face!

And seriously why the fraggin slaggin reason were dandelioneaters in the Black Forest!? Not like there’s many elves there. More trees than metahumans. A fragging wiznuke needs to be dropped there. Put the entire awakened country back to sleep!

Null Schädel

Fraggin humanis! Go choke on your own hate.


Shadowland BBS - Duchy of Pomorya
What the frag?!

Why in the name of all things sacred are there Aztechnology goons in the Duchy?!

They came, are killing and breaking up the place, and moving to the next town.

Just what the frag are they looking for?

And who the hell is skinning them?! My sister walked out to feed the chickens and there’s three skinned humans hanging from the barn rafters and the hanging tree!

They came from Gora and are heading towards the south and south east.


The fraggers shut down the fighting rings!

What the frag is a trog good for if not fighting for entertainment?!

So far the 3 in my area are shut down, and the one 2 districts over is still open for business but that’s because the bastards don’t know where to look.


We are helping as many civilians that are getting caught in the crossfire between the nobles and the Aztechnologist, but our resources are getting low.

Word is the Aztechnologists are hunting a young dragon that escaped their HQ. And they’re taking out anyone who might give it aid. It’s not yet as bad as the Eurowars, but I can foresee it getting that bad.

Priestess of Sacred Grove

Let the elves and humans fight.


The nobles are fighting?


They haven’t lifted a finger here!!


Your village isn’t even a blip.

Anytime the Big A guns get close to a territory’s capital, the local noble has his army ready to keep them out.

That said, whatever they’re hunting doesn’t do the collateral damage game.

I’ve heard that the nobles are under orders to keep away from their target. And the great duke is too busy jerking his wang into the Baltic trying to bring back the fish to notice what’s going on on land.


Tusk_Lover slot off.

You dandelioneaters brought this up in yourselves getting rid of everyone that wasn’t elf.


There’s a dragon? In Pomorya?!

Fraggin awesome, son!

Let’s show it some good ole hospitality and ghost the drekkin corp sec!

Herr Blitz

Get the dragon out of here!
We already have the Aztechnology hunting. If we aren’t careful, Lowfyr will come calling. Slotting bastard already killed 3 dragons, one being his own fragging brother!


Sunshine's Journal: Pt3

Well what do you know, the medic in charge of keeping the prisoner alive is the same sod who helped mend my wounds.

Walked up to Mr. Magic, opened a connection with his head, and hopped in. Had a couple questions, got a couple answers.

First and foremost, confirmed that he and his bodies were hunting me.

He works directly for a Mr. Vladamir _____, HR Director at Yamatetsu. Part of their Russian Division.

Their orders were to bring me back alive.

The mission parameters were to use a distraction to extract me, bring back to their home base.

Only Hector was with him, who was presumably the other mage.

Didn’t have anything else in particular I wanted to ask him, so I suggested that when he contacts his employer, he should report that the target was shot during the insertion and died from their wounds.

Made sure to phrase my questions so as to not give any hint as to the target being me, as buddy boy wasn’t the only one hearing them. The other lumps with me wanted to know what he had to say. Let them know that he and the other mage were sent by Yamatetsu HR to bring back their target, that their target was one of the people who was shot, and that I didn’t see the person myself during the shootout.

Rend’s too clever for his own good, and asked if it was who he thought it was. Disagreed with a subtle gesture to show otherwise.

Asked Mr. Medic to do his job, same as this poor sod was trying to do his.

Candi started talking about her magic bullets again. Didn’t sound like they were getting anywhere, so I suggested contacting Ms. Justine again. Rend’s eyes glazed over, which seems to happen when he gets a phone call.

A few moments passed, and he belted out that someone’s watching us. Didn’t see nobody with either set of eyes, but I Did see some cameras looking at us. Ms. Candi covered them with hairspray, and the lights dropped. Clack clack as the safety doors started locking down.

Found myself suddenly being scooped up in a Troll arm, and hauled out of the room. Guess we’re running now.


Welcome to my Humble Abode
Hospitality and Noseyness

After MINOR incident with helicopters coming down for emergency landing, we talked about things. Just as it seemed we were done, some garbage began to rise up against us! But it wasn’t garbage at all! It was actually a wind elemental, and it was headed straight for one of the girls. The one Lady Sif had taken a liking to!

A few mumbles later, and the elemental was gone, never to be seen again. But wait! There’s more! It seems just few breaths before the actual EARTH rose up to eat the girl! What did this girl to do anger the elements so?

But, they were not trying to kill her. That would be too simple. They were trying to STEAL her! Her hand poked out of the ground, and it began speeding away before my eyes!

Knowing that they would not act so without being commanded, I began searching. Spotting two mages, one concentrating, and one casting anew, I leveled Thurs at the concentrate – like the orange juice – and pulled trigger! BWAM!!! Mage goes ’splodey, making mess EVERYWHERE!

Oh, I also told Lollipop to deal with other mage. She did. Mage went unconscious.

I then ran for fleeing hand. I knew elemental was now free, and likely VERY PISSED, so came up with CUNNING plan!

I PUNCHED it! Hand grabbing for softness, I took hold of what I could only imagine was arm of girl, and PULLED with all my significant might! And, wouldn’t you know? She came popping out, like newborn fetus!


No time to consider wording! Ground rose up, angry looking and grumbly, as ground is wont to do! More mumbling from girl. More popping. And ground fell apart! This girl can do things! Wonderful things! Or something like.

I invite both her and Lollipop back to my place. Because, I want shower. And nice meal. And pool. Girl – we call her Sunny – made comment of not owing me in THAT way. Was confused at first, but realized she not want to do nasty with Troll. No big deal. Not NEARLY enough meat on her bones. I would crush her. Grind her bones into dust. Would not be pretty sight….


Sunny’s eyes are wide. She seems ready to run. Not sure why. OH! Justine came to pick us up. Gave us lift in her truck. Justine seems not to trust Sunny. Me thinks she’s jealous, or something.

Either way, we get back. And I show Lollipop and Sunny to rooms. Go to mine. Shower. Feel MUCH better. Head down for dinner, and have women join. Settle in, and see Sunny stuffing face with salad. Too much salad. Tell to slow down. Many more food coming. She seems confused. Kind of adorable, in gross human kind of way.

Talk through dinner. Sunny refuses to share personal information again. Refused in truck. Hiding something. Contact Captain Zheng. Inquire about Sunny. Find out real name is Sanvinea Delacourt. She interrogator. Rips apart minds or something. APPARENTLY everyone and their Corporate dogs are after her. Much price on her head. Many credits. Ares is offering 2.5 mil. Intriguing… but, she under my protection. Make certain Zheng knows he knows nothing. ‘Gift’ him with tickets for daughter to see me fight. Wife to see a show. Usual things.

Get names of former associates of Sunny’s. Drop a name in war story over dinner. She stiffens. Yes, little bug. I know. And now I know you know.

Bugs are cute. It’s all those HUMONGOUS EYES!!! All stare-y and stuff. Occasionally little hairs poking out from gods knows where.


Dinner over. Lollipop goes to retrieve items to stay longer. Might get lucky. Send her with escort. She returns with bullets and message. Strangest message I heard of. Sunny comes out, crying about bad emotions being made to use bullets or something. Bottom line: They’re magical.

Take them to Justine. She will know what to do with them. Who to talk to. She complains about the girls being trouble. I don’t listen. Usual. She grumbles and heads off. I send Lollipop away to speak privately to Sunny.

I know, I tell her. I explain information I found out. She asks how. I tell her I have my ways. Bottom line: I am not turning her in. She’s under my protection. She whines she wishes there was a mage still alive. I say there is. She gives me pointed look.

I know where you’re going… I know what you do! I know what you’re planning…..

Off we go to interrogate an idiot!

Sunshine's Journal: Pt2

So I was backing my ass off when a dwarf wandered up and tried to take a swing at the creature. Didn’t manage to connect before dropping sleepways. Tossed a sleeper at it and started to scatter. The thing seemed to pop, but I had no idea if it fizzed, or if it tried to shift on me. Couldn’t see it rematerializing and then the GODS DAMNED GROUND ATE ME.


I tried to make that argument, but I couldn’t extract myself even while looking and digging from the surface. Lucky me, the giant puncher came and ripped me out, nearly taking my arms off at the shoulders. Could feel both of them pop out of place, which was actually less painful than it looks when it happens to others. Still very painful.

The ground started acting up again, so I dropped a sleeper into it and it reacted the same way the last one did. Which would have been great if I wasn’t bleeding from a dozen holes and lacerations.

A sassy little dwarf came over at the Troll’s behest, and had some words with my wounds. Told them to shut up and go away, and they listened. I like her.

The scorecard lady came up with a gun, and talked guns about guns. Blah blah need more gun. Stopped paying attention at about the same time as the cat thing brought me a bag of crisps.

Gun gun gun shoot shoot shoot,

Crisp crisp crisp.

Met a Justine? Some Elf lady the Troll’s friend with. Pretty enough I guess, but very suspicious of me, which I suppose is fair consider I’m alive and standing by someone she knows? Paranoid weirdo. Guess she must’ve known something I didn’t, cause Rind..? Rand.. the Troll offers to take me to his house cause he wants a bath.

Oddly enough, the Cat-thing seemed to think I should. Followed because I’m stupid but told the bugger that I would not be joining him, whether he saved me or not.

We scoot and wind up heading into some Big ass multi-mansion fortress.We’re talking Corp CEO levels of swank here. Needless to say I was MIGHTY CONCERNED, and only extensively more so when I found out this was actually the Troll’s house.

Naturally, as soon as we’re led inside, I start getting prompted for personal info. Try to press that I am disinclined to share that with people I don’t know from drek, but was fortunately headed off by feline shenanigans. Sif and the brawler started Benny Hilling around this house-nation thing, stole off with some cheese and brought me some chicken. I like Sif.

Previous topics seemed to be forgot, and I was offered a spare room to get civilized in. It had a Giant bed.

A Giant Fucking Comfy Ass Bed.

So damned comfy. I may have jumped on it once or several hundred times.

Tentatively came down for dinner, and was promptly prodded for my story again.


Dinner arrived in abundance. Started politely eating my fill, like a lady hog at a debutante trough, and got told to hold my guts, cause there were more courses coming, lots of courses. I’m not used to this life anymore, I mean, just the sheer amount of food that could be going to feed the hungry, but is probably gonna feed a garborater instead. Apologize for being weird and try to engage in some semblance of couthery. Even have a few sips of wine when appropriate, despite myself. The rest of the lot start telling war stories as the evening dwindles on.

My ass got woken up from the oncoming food coma when Rend dropped a name in the middle of a war story. One of my body guards, Dumb Orc fellow. Very sweet though. Could spot a threat from multiple klicks away. Better than me in any case, seeing as I came here.

Kinda froze up when I realized that HE FUCKING KNOWS. Tried to regain my composure as fast as possible but I’m pretty sure he was looking for a reaction, and I delivered it to him on a silver bloody platter.

I immediately began reexamining every possible avenue of escape in the house.

Little later in the evening, the female troll (Candi?) comes back. She’s gone and come across bullets that are some kinda magical. Full of emotion. Anger, vengeance, frustration. Being used to track her ass down.

I advise immediately putting a continent or two of distance between us and they, though my wisdom fell on dull ears. Justine takes a look and says they’re magical. Full of emotion. Anger, vengeance, frustration. Being used to track.

I’m left to sort out my growing survival-instinct based anxieties while the trolls discuss dates and how Candy is in trouble according to the person who sent the bullets.

Rend takes me off to the side and does me a confrontation. Confirm that he does know my past somehow, but says he’s not giving me up. Explain some of the details of what the hell went on so that he knows what he’s gotten himself into by bringing me in.

Try to convince him that I don’t believe the attack squad, or the spirits, were specifically after me until I made myself a threat. He doesn’t agree. Express that I wish at least one of the assholes had survived. He expresses that one of the mages was arrested. I look pointedly at him. Takes him a minute but he clues in.

We go to the holding center, where said mage is being held in an interrogation room. This should be interesting.


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