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Do magic spikes really happen?

Hey there hive mind deckers and wanders. I’m doing a paper for my magic practicum at Uni Windsor. Anyways, I’m hoping for input from the Matrix brave Mages, Shamans, Witches and everyone in between.

Anyways, I’m arguing that yes, magic goes in cycles. Like up and down. But sometimes there’s spikes that happen. There’s the resurfacing old languages that Big D’s will pointed out and some really important artefacts that radiate higher grades of magic than anything we can make presently normally. Then bam! Some smchuk has an uber powerful item that they swear chip truth their cousin over in Ukraine made. And I’m just wondering how do spikes happen, like world wide. And what’s their overall impact. Example: The Rift totally reads high and is affecting everything on the astral.




Lol! Dude!
If spikes happened in magic we would all be freaks.

There are some who have seen the world fall from high magic to such low levels to make dragons sleep, and look! They’re awake! As of 2012, dragons woke up.

But what happens when magic gets high? Look for the Wraiths. Beware the Insect Cults. And Toxic Shamans just make it worst. Oh and don’t forget the so-called spike babies. You know the elves and dwarves born like up to 2 decades before the explosion of metababies being born regularly.

But for reals, send an email to Draco Foundation. They love you uni kids.

Dear child,

Spikes happen. And it’s never good. Never. Except for the spike babies.

No one really understands how rad and strong toxins affect magic, other than the latter create unstable portions in the astral and the former seems to kill the astral, or at least block it. But, Toxic Shamans seem to get an increase to their magic, especially in rad zones. Which echoes in the astral outside of the affected zone. And hives seem to appear nearby.

Another source of Magic spikes is ritual magic like what they Amerinds used to get out of the concentration camps. And blood magic is really bad for spiking.

Orange Queen

OQ is right.

Spikes are bad and endanger the world and metahumanity with dangers beyond the Metaplanes.

Shadowspirits are a new to you/old to Dragons and terrifying entities that do not need anyone to summon them. They just appear where the ambient magic levels are high. They seek the destruction of life.

The Laughing Man


Way to go Big D! Have you slaggers seen what comes through that Portal Rift of his?!

Big fragging mess ever!

Marx the Mundane

Blood magic doesn’t exist.


Big D put a bounty on Blood Mages. They gotta exist. And be bad for stuffs too.


Spikes happen. Ritual use. Blood magic. Astral Travelling. And Nukes all seem to make them happen.

Search the Draco Foundation and Atlantean Foundation FAQ pages and pick their brains.


Radio feed

‘What the frag!? How in the name of the dragons did a heli get into the enclave!?’
‘Commander! It’s heading to the Colosseum!’
‘Scramble! Scramble! Justine has confirmed shooters!’
’Didn’t say.’
‘This is Lt. Quell, they had barricaded the doors. Explosive present. Fey is using her spirits to disarm them.’
‘Damnit. Get them disarmed. Mages start setting up barriers. Get the deckers silencing the corp feeds.’
‘Commander, Rend is inside.’

Rumours from the street... Part 2

“100 nuyen? Are you crazy?”
“I had the cash to spare, and she looked like she could use a little kindness in her life. So what?”
“So she’s a Homeless person! They ALL look like that! Their profession is looking like that!”
“Ah whatever. She’s probably having her first nice meal this year, thinking “you know, maybe there is some light in this world.”
“No, she’s probably looped out in a beetle, thinking drek all. What’s with all you idiots suddenly growing soft hearts and open wallets these days. I swear, you need to get your priorities straight.”
“Wait, what do you mean, ‘All you idiots’”?


“It’s the chip troof, I swear on me mum.”
“Ahh Pull the uvver one. Ain’t no one gonna pony up that many creds just’r get their kid back.”
“Naw chummer, it weren’t a no one, it was a Schmidt. Bitch’s a Corp’s Kid.”
“Cock it, I’d let a trog hoop me for that kinda dosh!”
“Maybe you ain’t ‘ave to. How’s you feel about changin’ ya name?”
“To Sambiney Dellycort? Don’t fink I’m pixie enuff ta pull that one off. What’s she look like anyway?”
“Dunno, heard the cast but afore I could spot the telly, it got switched over ta troll boxin’.”
“Well piss.”

Sunshine's Journal: Pt1

AGH. What the drek is up with that stupid cat? It’s gonna come over to me and get treats and a scritch and then try to steal my junk and take off? What cats even do that? And how did it even carry my whole backpack? It’s a cat!

Yeah. Just a normal-ass cat. That’s likely. Neo Aussie is weird. I’ve been here a solid week now, and it’s like there’s almost no one here but runners. I mean, I know that’s kinda supposed to be it’s whole deal, sanctuary for the free man or something like that. Whatever, means the people here have a lot of Nuyen and a willingness to risk it and that suits me fine.

Speaking of, I chased the little ratbag into an arena, somehow bypassing every traffic light and guard on the way in. Cat must’ve been manipulating probability or something on the way in, cause there ain’t no way that we got so lucky.

Trolls stink, by the by. Especially when they’re pounding each other’s tusks off in a boxing ring.

Furball finally stopped, dropped my stuff. Found it’s master, or maybe the cat’s the troll’s master. I don’t know for their relationship. EIther way, it sat it’s ass down, it’s buddy went up to get punchy, and I kept my bag close.

Of course, the second I get a little comfy, the cat leaps at my face. Which was good, cause I didn’t want it on my face, and when I backed away, a bullet zipped by my skull.

Then shit went sideways.

Assholes started breaking through the windows, roping down into the crowd and geeking people indiscriminately. Ducked my ass down, put up my hood, and tried to keep close to the cat as I booked it for the exit. I got no place in a firefight, and I know it. Slug bounced off my shoulder and nearly knocked the joint loose.

Kept squatting my way towards the door, as shots got slung back and forth from the crowd in front of me and the insertion team fogged up behind me. Checked their colours and spotted one of those pricks about to gank the cat’s owner from behind. Shut his brain down and continued on my way.

Or at least I WOULD have if one of those twats hadn’t popped a slug straight through my jacket and my stomach.

I don’t remember dropping to my knees, but I do remember looking down at a furry paw on my leg, attached to the glow of a mind-writer like me. Explains a few things now I think about it.

Everything went hazy, and the next thing I knew I was on the ground, with some stranger slapping a trauma patch on my gut.

Had a moment to rest and gather my senses, as things calmed down all abouts. Was gonna read the head of the drekhead I slept, but someone yanked his blood out through his arm socket. Prolly for the best though, as the Sec team started pushing everyone out and down into the underparts. Second wave coming in from the roof. Took a peek and passed some numbers off to the Seccies. Some of those number were more potent than I, and I’m not well used in a gunfight, so I opted for egress.

Me and the rest were led down into a triage area. Tried to find myself a corner out of the way, but spotted something angry and sharp charging at me outside’a the physical. Tried to tell it to calm down and buzz, but it wasn’t listening.

Great, yeah. Let’s run some more.

Rumours from the street...
Part 1

~I heard Berlin is arming up.
That free city of anarchists? No corp has been able to conquer it.-
~The corps are quieting down…. And there’s a Johnson over at Slit Drake’s

~I saw a ghost!
What?! How much have you had?-
~No no, it was a real ghost! And she was beautiful and horrible!
You’re drunk.-
~No I’m not! She was walking the warehouses.
Right boy, now drink up and we’ll see about a flesh and blood woman for you!-

~Suzy, has anyone seen Suzy? She’s a wee girl. Please! Have you seen her? She’s a pale child with black hair.

Scrolling feed of news
April 11, 2060

SCIRE still locked down, rumour emerges that the rumoured AI that runs SCIRE is now performing experiments on those trapped inside. Footage dated for Feb 10th has managed to get out onto the feeds. Some call this a hoax, and Renuraku is silent.

The people attached to the net back on March 19th are still in a coma after encountering a virus that crashed the net for 11 mins 43 seconds. No new leads on the virus attack, but some of the victims have been found in the Darkhaven and Shadowline Forums.

Son of Ares founder, Leonard Aurelius, has sold his shares to none other than Arthur Vogel! Rumours are flying, will Aurelius’ children join him in the madness? Or will they remain in Ares, now having lost their inheritance to a Dwarf.

Investigators were bewildered by the destruction of the Rosenguard Family. The execution style attack not only took out the guards but every member of the elven family. New eyes look into the crime as Tír na nÓg send over their own investigators. (Video shows 3 well dressed figures in uniform)

In stocks, this day April 11:

Cross Applied Technologies is going up. Reasons surmised to be someone is buying shares.

BioWave Intel Group Ltd sees a massive drop as CFO, Annya Higgins, was assassinated last night in Denver. Mrs Higgins was attending the Opera with husband when an unknown shooter shot her from the great wall.

Ares Macrotechnologies’ are wavery, but close 2 points higher than they started.

House of Mouse dropped a few points as Dazzle Studios bought its freedom.

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!
A place to check for matrix listed jobs and rumours.

Check this page for matrix rumours and job postings. Or post your own rumour that you want the NPCs to learn about and run with.


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