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Shadowrun culture has it’s own list of slang that can be used during character interactions. Bonus Karma will be rewarded to players who are able to integrate slang into their conversations. A list of such jargon can be found here.

Furthermore, the people of the Awakened World are a divided people, with prejudices. The Corporations do not bother to enlighten the people as a divided people will always be easier to manipulate and use. Poverty is rampant, and there’s a deep rift between the SINful and the SINless. It’s in the shadows of the rift that Shadowrunners have found their niche, and hail from all walks of life.


Karma: An award given at the end of a mission’s completion. Players record the amounts rewarded and use Karma to initiate a mage/shaman/adept, raise attributes and skills, learn languages, or otherwise upgrade the raw character.

Good Karma: 1 out of every 10 Karma awarded should be put into the Karma Pool. Every player starts with 1 Good Karma. This is used to roll an additional D6 when doing tests (i.e. shooting a Go Ganger off of his bike), can be used to buy a second or third attempt to succeed at a test (i.e. forcing a door to open) and refreshes each in game day. Each dip into the Karma Pool carries it’s own cost, i.e. 1 additional D6 costs 1, 2 additional D6 costs 2, or second attempt costs 2, third attempt costs 4. Good Karma is used to reflect the luck a character has. Additionally, Good Karma can be ‘burned’ to guarantee a success.

SIN: Social Identification Number. Everything about a person is recorded, from personal stats, to who their parents are, where they work and so on and so forth. To have a SIN is to be recognised as a member of society. Bank accounts, cell phones, vehicles, etc are all registered to the SIN, and as such, can all be suspended if a SIN holder decides to misbehave, and used to track the individual down, through the use of the Matrix or Magic. A SINless person is an individual who doesn’t have a SIN. This could be due to being born in a ghetto, it was purposely lost, or the powers that be suspended the SIN. Criminals in some countries receive a Criminal SIN that is set up with all of their biological data as a means to prevent them from committing crime and to ‘recruit’ the criminal into certain jobs.

Matrix: The world of the Internet. Computers for the most part have become archaic tools and now individuals are able to jack into the world wide web directly by a cybernetic implant and move through the virtual reality with their mind and a deck, which replaces the keyboard. To die in the Matrix is to die in the meat body. To be dumped out of the Matrix is to risk death at worse, disorientation at best.

Magic: It has returned and seems to be growing stronger. Spirits and elementals can be summoned from different planes and the Dragons have mentioned that higher planes called Meta-planes, do exist. Magic works off of line of sight for spells cast for the most part. Cybernetics in an Awakened or Magic using person hinders the flow of magic and with enough cybernetics one can destroy all of the magical potential within an Awakened being or animal.


Australia: After the resolution of the Rift War and the veterans were dubbed ESPER for their close approximation to the otherworldly nature of the paranormal activities and metaplane invasion, Australia decreed itself a safeport for all sentients. As the corporations which had been holding power in the country had pulled out during the crisis, Australia’s present government, which is composed of survivors from the war, have little desire to see the corruption return. All corps within Australia bow to the governing body and the corporate rights are restricted. This is maintained by the open present of veterans and wanted shadowrunners working for the government to maintain law and order as Lone Star and Errant Knights have a penchant for high collateral damage in regards to civilian life. As a country set in the ‘wild west attitude’ there is almost no laws regarding the possession of arms, cyberware, and magic, as long as the owners do not damage Australian assets. BTLs and several controlled substances are classified as illegal and bounties are posted for dealers. Those runners who fled to Australia are amazingly competent at self-policing members of their society and dealing with them should they come into conflict with the assets of Australia.

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